St Davids City Council represents the people of St Davids, the smallest City in Wales and the United Kingdom, having a population of over 1500 on the last electoral roll.

Situated at the tip of the south western peninsula of Wales, St Davids is where Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, was born and established his work. The Christian tradition he created in the 6th century is reflected in the Celtic heritage of this part of the County of Pembrokeshire area and the St Davids Cathedral was built in the valley where he worked.

The exposed peninsula is famous for its dramatic coastal scenery and its wildlife that appeals to those who enjoy natural history and outdoor pursuits.

The City status of St Davids, while having ecclesiastical roots going back for centuries, was granted to all of St Davids by HM the Queen by Royal Charter on 1st June 1995.

The City Council, or the City Council of St Davids and the Cathedral Close to give its full name, is a Community Council in its role and statutory powers. This site introduces the council and its services, as well as providing links to the Pembrokeshire County Council and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, as the organisations providing key public services in the area.

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St Davids City News If you would like a copy of the Community Newsletter please contact the Clerk

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